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Android Application Development Training in Marathahalli, Bangalore

What is Android?

Android is a Linux based operating system that developed for mobile devises smart phones, tablets and computers or laptops. Mainly Java programming language used to develop the Android and other languages are also used. It is developed by Open Handset Alliance (OHA) and now taken by Google. The main aim of Android operating system is to give the real-time application or product experience to the end users.

Android is a user friendly OS using by 76% of people in the world. There are so many types of updated done for Android those are Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat and continues. There is a bright future in Android technology. Sgraph Infotech gives you the best hands on training experience to the candidates.

Android Training in Bangalore Objectives

    • To learn fundamentals of Java programming dialect, for example, arrangement and running of java program.
    • To learn Android Operating System and working of Middleware.
    • To comprehend the Features of Eclipse IDE
    • To increase profound comprehension of Android Application Development highlights.
    • To create UIs utilizing Android improvement segments.
    • To create applications utilizing representation and activitys.
    • To assemble database concentrated applications utilizing SQLite database.
    • To create applications to peruse telephone and SIM Card subtle elements, sending SMS, making calls.
    • To create diverse applications utilizing Google maps to locate the specific area
    • To make applications to get to the information from different applications utilizing web administrations.
    • To create applications to play sound and video records in cell phone utilizing interactive media.

Why Should You join Android Course in Bangalore?

The android application development course will help the wannabes to accept the huge open door for the profession way. By take this android training class in bangalore, the expert or engineer or considerably fresher understudies will be well prepare to build up the android application. This android course is the most appropriate course for the understudies to taking the following level for vocation development and boosting the aptitudes and information from programming prompting propelled android application advancement.

With our android applications coaching center in bangalore, the understudies will have the capacity to take in the android application advancement ideas in capable level with the refined way. Sgraph Infotech is one of the main and valuable portable applications improvement preparing organization in bangalore, which providing food the best Android training in bangalore marathahalli, alongside the finest hands on reasonable learning, hypothetical information and keen labs sessions. A group of experts which working here, have extraordinary abilities, most elevated capability and more than 7+ years of experienced in taking care of ongoing android ventures.

What we do at Training Class in Bangalore for Android?

Sgraph Infotech is providing Android training course with 7+ years of real time and domain experienced professionals IT faculty. Android training course content, material and syllabus is designed as per the industry and career development oriented standards and Android course is playing huge demand in the world. So many enterprises are using Android software. Sgraph Infotech provided regular classes for students with normal track, fast track and weekend sessions. In our institute certified trainer will help the student during the Android training with real time projects. In this course the candidate will know about basics to advanced Android concepts. These features and facilities make us the best Android training institute in Marathahalli, Bangalore. We are passionate and dedicated to give quality training Don’t waste your valuable time enroll today in Sgraph Infotech for further information contact us/email us.

Android Training Course Syllabus in Bangalore


  • Introduction : Android Basics
  • Introduction : Android Basics
  • Required Basic Java concepts for Android

OOPS Concepts

  • Class
  • Objects
  • Encapsulation
  • Method Overloading
  • Method Overriding
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Abstraction
  • Abstract Classes
  • Interface

String Handling

  • String: What and Why?
  • Immutable String
  • String Comparison
  • String Concatenation
  • Substring
  • Methods of String class
  • StringBuffer class
  • StringBuilder class
  • Creating Immutable class
  • toString method
  • StringTokenizer class
  • Declaration and Access Control (Java)
  • Access Modifiers
  • public, protected , default and private
  • Non Access Modifier
  • final , abstract
  • Object Orientation (Java)

Collection Framework (Java)

  • HashCode
  • HashMap
  • Lists
  • Sets
  • Maps
  • Queue
  • Serialization and De serialization

Exception Handling

  • Exception Handling : What and Why?
  • try and catch block
  • Multiple catch block
  • Nested try
  • finally block
  • throw keyword


  • Multithreading : What and Why?
  • Life Cycle of a Thread
  • Creating Thread
  • Thread Schedular
  • Sleeping a thread
  • Joining a thread
  • Thread Priority
  • Daemon Thread
  • Thread Pooling
  • Thread Group
  • ShutdownHook
  • Performing multiple task by multiple thread
  • Garbage Collection
  • Runnable class
  • Design Patterns

    Android XML layouts & Practice

    Design Patterns
  • Android XML layouts & Practice
  • Activity and it’s lifecycle
  • Selection Widget (RadioButtons, CheckButtons, List, Spinner, GridView, Gallery Widget)
  • Menus (Option and Context Menu) and Introduction to Actionbar
  • Fonts
  • Dialog – Boxes (AlertDialog and Toast)
  • Intents
  • Broadcast Receiver & Async Task
  • Android Fragments and Custom Listener Implementation
  • Threading Concepts using Message and Post
  • Introduction to NDK / JNI
  • Animation
  • Preferences : SharedPreference
  • Intent Filters
  • SQLite Database connection and practical implementation
  • Introduction to Android JSON Parsing
  • Services and Life Cycle
  • Notifications
  • Location Services (Both Network and GPS based)
  • Introduction to Memory Method Profiling
  • Publishing application is Google Play Store
  • Introduction to Beacon Technology
  • Project Discussion
  • Extra Classes (Doubts or missing classes)



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