5 Java Trends We All Must Know in 2018

We all know how popular JAVA is, even at our institute, we get alot of students who want to learn JAVA.

Java stood no 1 again for Best Programming Language this year and smashed the negative talk about it which was saying the popularity was declining. Another year, another set of goals, another life and yes, new trends everywhere.


So, let’s discuss about the

Trends in JAVA which we all must know in 2018

1. Long Term Support Versions Will Draw Attention:

As per Infoworld, Under a plan put forth by Oracle on September 6, there will be feature releases of Java, driven by one or a few significant new features, every six months. Every three years, the feature release will be a long-term support release, with the next long-term support release, to be called Java 18.9, arriving in September 2018.

Currently JAVA 9 doesn’t provide any long term support version. So, it will be interesting for the same in 2018.

2. REPL (J9):

In today's world, where you have two-week sprints and you need to learn while coding, it's important to have a fast feedback loop. You don’t want to set up a whole project just to test something in the code, right? The REPL brings that to you. REPLs are common in Scala, Python, Ruby, Shell scripts, and now also in… Java! And the trend will continue to rule in 2018.

3. EE4J- Eclipse Enterprise for Java :

It was officially announced by David Delabassee in his blog, “We are thrilled to announce EE4J (Eclipse Enterprise for Java), a new top level Eclipse project that will host this initiative. We also plan to rapidly engage additional community members to help us.

4. Automation Of Code:

Everything is getting automatic say it a small vending machine or in the complicated accounts, marketing, automation is everywhere. Also the growth of Technology has made much needed accuracy of the automation work to some extent. The automation in the code of Java existed but the growing Technology will definitely bring a change in the year 2018 .

5. Spring Framework:

Released in the month of October 2017, Spring has drawn everyone’s attention. Spring makes it easy to create Java enterprise applications. It provides everything you need to embrace the Java language in an enterprise environment, with support for Groovy and Kotlin as alternative languages on the JVM, and with the flexibility to create many kinds of architectures depending on an application’s needs. (As per Wiki)

This Spring framework will definitely continue its charm in 2018 considering the fact that it’s open-source.


Let’s wait and watch how these trends will mould Java in 2018.


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