Data Science Interview Questions & Answers

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In this blog: We will discuss the most popular interview questions that are being asked in the Data Science interview. Knowing it all can easily help you crack the interview easily.


Note: Please note that the blog is only for the aspiring Data Scientists who are going to face the interview in the Data Science field only.

Many people apply for the same job and out of which only the most potential candidate ends up getting selected.

Walking out of the interview room you think ‘I wish that I could have known the questions being asked in the interview. So I would have prepared in a better way’.

So, Here Are The Data Science Interview Questions & Answers

1. What is Data Science?

A. Data Science is a blend of Statistics, technical skills and business vision which is used to analyze the available data and predict the future trend.

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2. How is it different from Big Data

A. Data Science is the process Simplifying the rough data for effective decision making. Big Data means a huge amount of data that is to be sliced out (or sort out) based on requirements.

3. Root cause analysis means?

A. It is the process of understanding the source cause of the problem in any industry that can result in an accident or problem.

4. Why is Data cleaning important?

A. Cleaning data from multiple sources to transform it into a format that data analysts or data scientists can work is the basic process of Data Science but the data is ever growing but the storage is limited. So, analyzing the clearing unnecessary data is a critical part of the work.

5. R or Python? Which is better for Text analysis

A. Since Python consists of a rich library called Pandas which allows the analysts to use high-level data analysis tools as well as data structures, while R lacks this feature. Hence Python will more suitable for text analytics.

6. Whats power analysis?

A. Specific design technique utilized to understand the effect of given sample size.

7. How do Data Scientists use Statistics?

A. Statistics helps Data Scientists to look into the data for patterns, hidden insights and convert Big Data into Big Insights. It helps to get a better idea of what the customers are expecting.

8. What us star schema?

A. It is a traditional database schema with a central table. Satellite tables map IDs to physical names or descriptions and can be connected to the central fact table using the ID fields; these tables are known as lookup tables and are principally useful in real-time applications, as they save a lot of memory.

9. Normal Distribution Data means?

A. Data is usually distributed in different ways with a bias to the left or to the right or it can all be jumbled up. However, there are chances that data is distributed around a central value without any bias to the left or right and reaches normal distribution in the form of a bell-shaped curve.

10. What makes you fit to become a Data Scientist?

A. However such question is a bit general and any answer is okay, we are providing an answer to refer. I have good logical and statistical skills and I am a good decision maker. That makes me fit for becoming a Data Scientist.


These are the most asked Interview questions of Data Science. Reach us in person for any query.

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