Features in Salesforce You May Not Aware Of

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In this blog: Learn lesser known features of world's best CRM, Salesforce which will surely amaze you. Salesforce is an ocean of options and to use it, needs a professional training.

 We all know what Salesforce is, world’s best CRM, Your best customer support option, The Marketing assistant of yours.

Give it any name because Salesforce, as a software delivers a 360-degree approach to the database and provides the best customer management.

When we have such a good number of options it is very hard to notice or understand the features those are offered.

Let’s discuss the lesser known features in Salesforce

1. List view- Printable option:

The option was always there. A tiny icon available on the screen that directly prints out the list you are viewing. Sorting out data is not an easy task and viewing listing of customer database with varied options keeping them side by side and comparing needs a hard copy. So, why export and view in excel when you can print it right away.

2. Automated responder:

Setting up the reminder and sending emails to the clients is the regular thing we all do. How about an automated responder who emails on behalf of you? The Automated responder option in Salesforce allows you to define specific action or criteria and emails automatically. I bet you’ll go back and send the emails (automatically).

3.  Alerts for Big Deals:

It helps to trigger an email to the opportunities by setting up the amount that also takes a snapshot of the required opportunity page and sends it to the number of emails and users associated. It decreases the burden of work and makes everything quick and precise.

Link to activate Big Deal Alerts here.

4. Currency managing and conversion:

This feature in Salesforce is very less used but this will decreases the complexity billing calculation very much.

This option deals with the locking of the currency amount as on date and uses that amount in future billing and invoices.

For example, a deal was closed on 3rd of this month and the pricing is based on the USD (conversion to INR as on date) then this option has locked the amount exactly and later on the amount won’t fluctuates.

5. Emails to the users (by admin):

The admin has the feature to send emails to all the users by sorting them based on the criteria. This is least used the feature in Salesforce but to remind you all, such feature exists in Salesforce. Now when you (admin) want to wish ‘Happy New Year’ to the fellow users, don’t hassle for any other medium. Use Salesforce emails to users option.


These were the features in Salesforce which many people were not aware of.

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