Here’s Why Every Developer Shall Learn DevOps

In this Blog: You’ll get to the detailed explanation about DevOps, Its process and solid reasons why every developer shall learn DevOps.

This blog is mainly for the developers who want to explore the subject. However, the content will be highly useful for everyone to understand more about DevOps.


So, let’s get to the point.

What is DevOps?

You might be expecting some definition. Unlike Java or any other developer’s term, DevOps doesn’t have a definition because it is not definite theory or concept, It's a process.

“DevOps is a software engineering culture and practice that aims at unifying software development and software operation”

- Wikipedia

If you are a developer and works on coding, developing, testing applications, tools or tool-set, you already practice ‘Dev’ part of the word DevOps. The operations work as in, deployment, rolling, scaling, monitoring and upgrading,  forms the word ‘Ops’, another half of the word DevOps. So, the collective understanding of DevOps is the working procedure of the development and operations altogether.

The process of DevOps


Why Should Developers Learn DevOps?

For every developer, learning DevOps is an absolutely recommended option. The trend has changed.  Around, 2-3 years ago there was no much buzz about it apart from the blogs we read (intended for promotion of DevOps, that’s what we thought LOL) but from past 18 months or so, we have been receiving noticeable queries about DevOps Certification Course and guess what? 95% of them are professional developers with an average experience of 2 years (approx).

As per professional developers, “Things became very advanced and the younger generation is smarter who knows more than what we know. So, we are learning skills that constitute the whole development will be helpful for us”.

The development and deployment of agile to DevOps have been taking place all over and to understand and stay ahead of technology every developer shall learn DevOps. If a developer understands the infrastructural choices of choosing and deploying code phenomenon, it will bring impact on his professional growth as well as companies growth.


The bottom line is “It may not be compulsory for an ‘Ops’ guy to learn about ‘Dev’, but it’s very important for ‘Dev’ guy to learn about ‘Ops’

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