How To Crack Java Interview Like A Pro

Hey, hope you are well aware of the fact that Java interviews are way different from others. If you haven’t attended any, then go through this blog post keenly so that in spite of being a fresher you’ll be able to crack Java interview like a pro.


Let us clear one thing that this blog is specially designed for freshers. However it can be useful for everyone. And also the first half of the blog is mainly focusing on general points like, dressing, body language, confidence which is followed by the technical aspects of Java (in specific). So, without any more delay let’s get straight to our blog’s topic.

How To Crack Java Interview Like A Pro

1. Don’t overdo:

The mistake almost every candidates does is they try to impress interviewers. Even during any Java interview if a question is asked like, “What is Java?” 7 out of 10 candidates answers the mugged up definition like “Java is a widely used programming language designed for use of the internet. It is the most popular programming language……etc. etc.” Such questions are asked just to see how confidently you’ll answer. Giving a crisp and cut to cut answer will make more impact than such dragged answers.


2. Speak when required:

Java interview or any other job interview is considered as (from candidate’s perspective) one way talk where the interviewer asks and you answers but only few candidates makes it a conversation and cracks interview. Even during any Java interview whenever you think that you shall speak, don’t resist yourself. But note that you don’t interrupt anyone and speaks only when it’s your chance or if it is required.

3. Use technical terminology:

It's a given that you should use technical language during the Java interview. It shows how familiar you are with the subject matter. This is our favorite point because it showcases how smart you are without you trying hard. And there’s maximum chance that interviewer may take you more seriously considering the fact that you know the technicalities.

4. Brush up basic Java skills:

During Java interviews, your knowledge about Java plays even major role than your communication skills. For example ‘A’ has good communication and average Java knowledge and ‘B’ has good Java knowledge and average communication skills. The chances of getting selected is more for ‘B’. Also candidates, especially fresher’s learn more about the practicality and procedures of Java following plenty of blogs on “Java Interview questions’’ and forgets the basic definitions (which are least mentioned in the Java interview questions list).