Interview Question and Answers for .Net 2017


Q1) what do you know about ASP.Net?

Ans: It is a suite of tools used to develop new websites. It is a Microsoft created platform. The use of different web forms like CSS, JavaScript, MVC, etc. are made for the generation of the new websites.
It is platform offering fully featured programming language like VB.NET or C# to develop web applications with ease.
Each component in ASP.NET is considered as an object and run on the server.

Q2) Can you tell the difference between Response.Redirect and Server.Transfer ?

Ans: The former is used for the purpose of redirecting the user’s browser to another site. A back-trip gets performed to the client from where the browser of the client is then redirected to the new page. In this, the history list of the user’s browser is updated to show new address.
In the later the user’s browser is transferred from one page to the other page without going a round-trip back to the client’s browser. Due to such processing, a quicker response is provided and server carries little less overhead.  The user’s browser history list does not get updated in case of Server.Transfer.
Q3) What are Resource Files?

Ans: Resource file is XML file that contains data like images, strings, etc. and these data are non-executable. These data can be taken into use by an application. The whole application need not be recompiled if you want to change these data. It can be done without that.
The resource files are of two types: Global and local.

Q4) What is caching?  Can you tell its different types?

Ans: Caching can be defined as a method used to increase performance. In this technique, the frequently accessed data or the files are kept in memory. Alternatively to actual location of cached file, the request for that file will be accessed from cache.
The different types of caching in ASP.NET are the following:
a) Fragment caching
b) Output caching
c) Data caching

Q5) What do you know about Server control events of ASP.NET?

Ans:  The below are the Server controls events: Postback events – For processing, these events send the web page to the server. As processing gets finished, the data gets sent back by the web page to the same page on the server. Cached events – Processing of these events happen when a postback event happens.

Q6) What do you understand by Satellite Assemblies?

Ans: They are special type of assemblies which store application resources that are compiled and localized. They contain resources which are culture specific in binary format and they exist as DLL.  Since the resources are kept in binary format in these assemblies, they consume lesser space on the disk.

Q7) Can you tell the difference between authentication and authorization?

Ans: The former can be defined as a process in which the identity of the user is checked to allow the user into the application. So Login process on social media can be considered as an example of authentication.
The latter is concerned with permission granting for the user at web page level. So the user needs to be authorized to get full permission on all the pages. Just authentication will not allow it.     

Q8) What are the two types of cookies?


a) Session cookie- It goes away as soon as the user shuts down the browser.
b)  Persistent cookie- It remains on the hard drive of the user and gets retrieved once the user comes back to the web page.

Q9) Can you tell the timeout of Cookie?

Ans: It is 30 minutes.

Q10) What protocol do you use to call a web service?

Ans: HTTP protocol

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