Java Frameworks Training


Understanding Object/Relational Persistence

  • What is Persistence
  • The paradigm mismatch
  • Persistence Layers and alternatives
  • Object/Relational Mapping

2.Mapping Persistent Classes

  • Understanding Entity
  • Mapping Entity with Identity
  • Class Mapping options
  • Fine-grain modelling and mapping

3.Inheritance and Custom Types

  • Mapping class Inheritance
  • Hibernate type system
  • Creating custom mapping

4.Mapping Collections and Entity Association

  • Sets,Bags,Lists and Maps of value type
  • Collection of components
  • Mapping collections with annotations
  • Mapping a Parent/Child relationship

5.Advance Entity Association Mapping

  • Single valued entity association
  • Many valued entity association
  • Polymorphic association

Working with Objects

  • The persistence life cycle
  • Object Identity and Equality
  • The Hibernate Interface
  • Java Persistence API

7.Transactions and Concurrency

  • Transaction essentials
  • Controlling concurrent access
  • Non transactional data access


  • Modifying Objects Efficiently
  • Transitive persistence
  • Bulk and Batch operations
  • Data filtering and Interception

10.Optimizing Fetching and Caching

  • Defining the global fetch plan
  • Selecting a fetch strategy
  • Caching

11.Querying with HQL



  • What is Spring
  • Understanding Dependency Injection
  • Applying Aspect Oriented Programming

2.Basic Bean Wiring

  • Containing Bean
  • Creating Bean
  • Injecting Bean Properties
  • Auto-Wiring
  • Controlling Bean Creation

3.Advanced Bean Wiring

  • Declaring Parent and Child Beans
  • Applying method Injection
  • Wiring Collections
  • Bean Embedding
  • Bean Life Cycle callbacks
  • Event Handling

4.Advising Beans

  • Introduction to AOP
  • Cross Cutting Concerns
  • Join Point
  • Point Cut
  • Advise
  • Advising beans in classical style
  • Advising beans using annotations
  • Advising beans using xml namespace

Database Access

  • Learning Template Pattern
  • JDBC with Spring
  • Hibernate with Spring

6.Integration of Spring with other frameworks

Introduction to Spring MVC


1.Struts Framework

  • Model
  • View
  • Controller
  • Validator

Applying Struts

  • Struts Tag Library
  • HTML
  • Bean
  • Nested
  • Logic
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