Major Skills To Acquire In 2018


It is just 15-20 days of New Year and the trends, changes and predictions are already at full swing. The major trend, we as a training institute thought of sharing with you all is about the major skills that are raking high in demand when it comes to a good job and career.

In this cut throat competitive world, the regular academic education is not just good enough so, it is extremely important to acquire some ‘Add-on’ skills to your portfolio. Let us rephrase, it is extremely important to get skilled in the topics that are high in demand as per current trend. So, without stretching anymore,

Here Are the Major Skills to Acquire In 2018

1. Big Data:

Big Data Continues to rule as one of most in-demand skills. The scope of Big Data was explained in our blog, ‘The Future Of Big Data Analysis’ where we mentioned about how the consumption of Data is showing a clear upward trend. So the demand for the professionals to analyze the ever growing data indicates how important the Big Data skills to acquire in 2018 are.

2. Digital Marketing:

From the past few years, Digital Marketing evolved as one of the leading in demand skill set. The popularity of which is not going anywhere. Experts predict a job opportunity of more than 10 lakh in India. The internet presence is becoming highly crucial to survive a business. So, the Digital Marketing is one of most recommended skill in 2018.

3. Windows Azure:

Azure is an open source software/tool to build, test and manage different applications. The skills are getting popular after the extreme success of Windows Azure, the demand for the computer application got heavily increased. Even Microsoft is working aggressively on it as we can see the updates on their official site of Windows Azure

4. Amazon Web Services:

AWS: Amazon Web Services, another leading cloud computing service which is growing at very steady pace. According to, “The employment for AWS is expected to rise 40%”.

Considering the numbers so high, it is advisable to have such skills in our portfolio.

5. Marketing Automation:

The term automation is the future. The Artificial Intelligence touch to the Marketing work has been a center of attraction ever since it was launched. The additional plus point is the accuracy of the work being delivered are very high. But handling the Marketing Automation Software is not an easy task and a professional is needed for that. Hence the marketing automation skills are included in the list of major skills to acquire in 2018.


The list of the skills are prepared by considering the demand of the specific industry and availability of the courses around us.

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