Must Read Facts About Power BI

Power BI: Business Intelligence is a powerful set of tools that helps in better analytical and statistical understanding of business overview and takes effective decisions with an ease.


It is being used quite a sometime but do you really thing with the business and technology always changing, we can cope up with the same fundamentals?

The answer is yes. 

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Power BI is very simple yet creative. It has amazing facts and features which we will discuss in this blog.

So, Let’s Discuss Must Read Facts About Power BI

1. It’s simple because its based on excel:

Yes it is true that the total Power BI outline is based on standard excel rules. The The learning curve from Excel to Power BI is small. If you have a good handle of Excel functions and pivot tables and charts, then you will soon realise how easy it is to build a Power BI data model and its corresponding visualisations.

2. All in one Storage of Reports:

The data intake comes from various sources and the accumulation of the data is very hard. With Power BI, you can create your Power BI report from scratch based on your Excel report and publish and share within your organisation. Remember, Power BI can tap in-to virtually any data source, be it on-premise or cloud.


3. The Flexibility makes it bit confusing to understand:

As per infoworks, The add-ons Power Query, Power Pivot, and Power View mean that you can effectively use Power BI within Excel. In the same place that you are working with traditional Excel data, you can combine and prepare data sources (Power Query), create reports on large data sets (Power Pivot), and create visualizations (Power View).

4. New Version Always In The Line:

Microsoft always comes up with the newer version always with some changes/ modification in the tools or options or usability or mobile apps.

This makes the Power BI up-to-date as per technology.


The Power BI is genuinely a gift to your company. To manage data, and resources easily. Plenty of companies are already using it, paving ways for more Power BI jobs. (Learn Power BI)

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