Oracle RAC DBA Training

Oracle Oracle Real Application Clusters(RAC)

RAC components

Oracle clusterware

Background process in RAC

Database files in RAC

  1. Server parameter file
  2. Datafiles
  3. Control files
  4. Online redo log files
  5. Archived redo log files
  6. Other files

Maintaining read consistency in RAC

Cache Coherency

Cache fusion

Global Resource Directory

Mastering of resources

Lock management

Multi-instance transaction behavior


  1. Cache recovery
  2. Transaction recovery
  3. Online block recovery

Storage Management

Disk fundamentals

  1. RAID concepts

Storage options for RAC

  1. RAW devices
  2. Clustered file system
  3. ASM
  1. Dataguard
  2. Dataguard Architecture
  3. Protection Modes
  4. Configuration Physical Standby
  5. Configuration Logical Standby
  6. Switchcover and Failover
  7. Cascaded Standby Database
  8. Oracle Database Advance Administration
  9. Automatic Storage Management
  10. ASM Architecture
  11. Configuring ASM
  12. Configuring Raw Device
  13. Configuring ASM Disks
  14. Start and Shutdown ASM
  15. Maintaining Disk groups
  16. Migrating from and to ASM ASMCMD command Line
  17. Workshop with scenariors Assessment 
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