Oracle SOA Training

Detailed Syllabus

Introduction to the Course and Course Contents

Describe Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) concepts
Details about what to download and from where for SOA 11g Installation
Technical and Business Benefits of SOA
Discussion on market value and prerequisites

Service-Oriented Architecture Concepts

Identify standards that enable SOA – XML  XSD  XPATH  XSL WSDL and SOAP

Review Service Component Architecture (SCA)

Describe Oracle SOA Suite 11g components


Install SOA Suite 11g and configure JDeveloper
Basic Concepts and Weblogic Server 11g - Domains, Servers, Homes
Overview Weblogic Domains and Managed Servers

Orchestrating Services with BPEL

Define a composite application

Describe SOA Composite Editor

Explain BPEL Components activities and partner Links


Understand BPEL designer (JDeveloper) and activities

BPEL PM Designer Layout - the Integration Perspective
Applications and Projects (Composites)
Creating your first BPEL Process - HelloWorld
XPath Expression Builder
Deploying the BPEL Process
Managing Deployments/Un-Deployments with Enterprise Manager 11g

Synchronous and Asynchronous BPEL Processes

Orchestrating Services with BPEL

What does synchronous mean

What does asynchronous mean. 

Overview of Partner Link. 


Create a synchronous process

Create an asynchronous process
Using soapUI for calling and testing web services

Parallel processing and Conditional branching


Create an application to illustrate the use of parallel processing and conditional branching

Advanced BPEL Concepts

Describe Exception Handling in Composite Applications

Describe the Fault Management Framework and its limitations.

Describe Compensation handling within a BPEL process

Describe Correlation concepts

Using Sensors

Using DVMs


Throwing simple faults and faults with variable

Returning faults to client by adding fault message to WSDL

How to use Fault Framework (Fault Policy and Fault Binding)
Best practices for fault handling

Human Workflow

Describe Human Workflow Concepts, Features and Architecture

Design Human Tasks and Services

Invoke a Human Task from a BPEL process


Simple Approval using Human Workflow.

Business Rules

Explain business rules concepts

Describe the Oracle Business Rules architecture

Describe Oracle Rules Engine

Create a rule with the Jdeveloper Rules Designer

Integrate a simple rule with a BPEL Process

Embedding Java in BPEL process


Use Java embedding to set/get BPEL variables, for logging

Introduction to Adapters

Describe adapter concepts and framework        

Describe Technology adapters: File, Database, JMS, etc           

Describe Applications Adapters Ebiz suite etc


Read and write a file using file adapter

Publish and subscribe messages using JMS Adapter

More Adapters Concepts

Dynamic Partnerlinks

Externalizing properties using End point properties


Retrieving records from a table using DB adapter.

Insert data into JMS queue using JMS adapter

Working with Mediator Components

Explain the Mediator component and its features

Define business events and the Event Delivery Network (EDN)

Create and configure a Mediator service component


Create Mediator Routing Rules

Create and configure a Mediator service component

Monitoring and managing SOA 11g Deployment

Describe Deploy and Un-deploy SOA Composite application

Describe Management of SOA Composite application using the Enterprise Manager


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