Oracle SQL Frequently Asked Questions


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What is Oracle SQL?

Oracle SQL is popularly known as structure query language necessary to perform various operations on database such as read, update, delete, create, etc. Using Oracle SQL one can easily manipulate and customize databases to suit their own needs. Oracle SQL is mainly used to manage database systems however, the recent technological advancements have made it possible to use SQL as a programming language referred to as Oracle PL/SQL.

Who can learn Oracle SQL?

Oracle SQL is a simple technology and can be learned by everyone; from beginners to professional. Although it is preferred and intended that mostly people looking to work as DBAs (Database Administrators) must be well equipped in Oracle SQL. Oracle SQL can also be learned by students and interns looking for better career and future prospects.

What is the scope of Oracle SQL today?

With the current era of technology which relies highly on information, Oracle SQL is most sought after skill. Especially due to the inception of machine learning, automation and IoT (Internet of Things); demand for DBAs is on an all time high. In such times knowing Oracle SQL will prove to be extremely beneficial to you. Meanwhile, with information systems using business intelligence tools for analysis and decision making; query optimization, query interpretation and query analysis are some variations of Oracle SQL in high demand in today’s job market.

How long does it take to learn Oracle SQL?

As mentioned earlier Oracle SQL is a simple and easy technology skill. Depending upon the person it may take from hours to days to months to learn Oracle SQL. Also depending upon whether you want to understand the basics or delve into more advanced concepts it may take as long as a week or a month respectively. However, with Oracle SQL what matters more is the practice to write efficient queries. Hence, on an average it may take 20-30 days to thoroughly learn and practice Oracle SQL.

Are there any pre-requisites for learning Oracle SQL?

Oracle SQL is primarily a database management language and does not require any pre-requisite knowledge. Oracle SQL offers simplistic approach for understanding the concepts of database and thus, does not require any prior knowledge. However, it does not mean that having any prior knowledge will serve as a disadvantage. It caters to beginners and professionals all alike.

Is there any certification associated with Oracle SQL?

Oracle SQL does offer various certifications for various category of learners. The common certification exam which is quite popular is the Oracle Database SQL Expert certification program. On successful completion of this program you are awarded with a certificate from Oracle itself. Other certifications include Oracle SQL Developer for 9g, 10g and 11g versions of Oracle SQL. Oracle also provides certification pertaining to specific Oracle SQL products for advanced and professional audience.

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