Tera Data Training

Teradata 14
1. Introduction to DBMS and RDBMS
File and File system
Database Models (Hierarchal Model, Network Model, Relational Model)
Disadvantages of DBMS and Advantages of RDBMS
EF Codd Rules and ACID Properties
Normalization and Its Methods (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
Integrity Constraints (P.K, FK, Check, Not null)

2. Introduction to Teradata
What is Teradata?
History of Teradata, Versions of Teradata
Teradata and other RDBMS technologies
Advantages of Teradata

3. Introduction to Data warehousing
What is Data warehousing?
Definition of Data warehouse
Who needs Data warehouse?
Advantages of Data warehouse
Architecture of Data warehouse
Types of Systems (OLTP, OLAP, DSS, ODS)

4. Modeling concepts for OLTP and OLAP
Data modeling, Dimensional Modeling
Data modeling (Conceptual, Logical, Physical)
Dimensional modeling
Dimension, Fact, Fact less Fact tables
Star Schema Model, Snow flake Schema Model
Slowly changing dimension (SCD1, SCD2, SCD3)
ETL Process diagram

5. Teradata Architecture and Components
Parallel data Extension (PDE)
Virtual Processor (V Procs)
Parsing Engine (PE), AMP, MPP, Node, Clique, CLI
AMP, MPP Architecture, Shared Nothing Architecture
Trusted Parallel Application (TPA)
Parsing Engine Parts, ByNet, Fault tolerance

6. Teradata Indexes
Differences between Primary Key and Primary Indexes
Primary Index (UPI, NUPI), Secondary Index (USI, NUSI)
Partitioned Primary Index (PPI)
Join Index, Hash Index
Accessing records through indexes
Secondary Index and Full table Scan

7. Teradata Data distribution and Access
Teradata data distribution Process
Primary Key and Primary Indexes
Data distribution through Hashing
Row Hash, Hasp map and hashing algorithm
Hash bucket, DSW (destination selection word)

8. Data protection and Recovery Methods
Locks (Read, Write, Access, Exclusive locks)
Fall back Protection levels (AMP, Node and Clique)
Journals, Raids (Raid1, Raid5, Raid S)

9. Introduction to Teradata SQL
SQL Fundamentals, Data types
Data definition language (DDL)
Data manipulation Language (DML)
Teradata exclusive Commands (Help, Show, Explain)
Teradata SQL Assistant

10. SQL Operators and Functions
Arithmetic functions
String manipulation functions
Caste functions, aggregating functions, OLAP Functions
Set operators and other operators
Date functions (Extract, Timestamp) and System calendar
Sub queries and co-related sub queries

11. Teradata joins and join strategies
Cross join, Self-join, Inner Join
Outer join (left, Right, Full outer)
Sub queries and Co related sub queries
Join Strategies (Product, Nested, Hash, Merge join strategies)
Examples and FAQs on Joins

12. Teradata objects
Normal tables (Set, Multi set)
Derived tables, Volatile tables, Global temporary tables
Views, Macros, Stored procedures, Triggers

13. Teradata database space and Users
Defining user and database
Teradata database space
Permanent space, Temporary space, Spool space

14. Performance Tuning Concepts
What is Tuning?
Why we need to Tune the query?
Skewness, Skew factor
Compression and MVC
Explain plan, Confidence levels, Collect statistics

15. Teradata client utilities
Teradata query submitting tolls
SQL assistant, BTEQ (basic Teradata query)
Difference between BTEQ and SQL assistant
Oleload, Teradata Arc, Teradata warehouse builder

16. Teradata data loading utilities
BTEQ, Fast load, Multiload, TPUMP, TPT
Comparison of all utilities
Fast load Phases, Multi load Phases, Limitations of utilities
Creation of error and work tables
Advantages of error and work tables
Debugging of error tables
Sample scripts of all utilities

17. Teradata unloading utilities
SQL assistant, BTEQ and Fast export
Differences of BTEQ, Fast export, SQL assistant

18. Teradata Analyst pack and other tools
Teradata Visual Explain
Teradata Index Wizard
Teradata Statistics Wizard
Teradata System Emulation Tool
Teradata Administrator
Viewpoint-smarter query management
Teradata Workload Manager

19. Miscellaneous topics
Teradata other tools and utilities
Teradata DBA concepts
Teradata new version features
Real time scenarios and issues
Teradata Certification details and FAQs
Sample Resume discussion

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