The Future Of Big Data Analysis


The future of Big Data isn’t really crystal clear, even though some experts declaring lot of challenges for it, others seems to be quite confident that Big Data is here to stay but how? Well, before knowing that, let’s reintroduce this topic. One of most emerging and trending topic as of now is ‘Big Data’ and obviously the most emerging skill is ‘Big Data Analysis’. But, What is Big Data Analysis?


What is Big Data Analysis?

There’s no rocket science behind the definition. It literally means the static work on large data created or analyzed. There are many definitions published on the internet, but our favourite is from Techopedia


But what about the coming years? Will the demand remains the same or it will crash land in the middle? Let's discuss the future of Big Data analysis in next segment.

The Future Of Big Data Analysis:

We have done research about this on popular websites and reached out personally to the professionals of the same field and conclusion of which as follows

1. Data consumption is highly increasing:

The amount of data stored is increasing day by day. And the trend seems a sharp upward trend. Considering the fact that every year we get a lot of data for our business and ultimately the big data analyst is a must necessity for such huge data.

Bernard Marr in his article on Forbes said, “The data volumes are exploding, more data has been created in the past two years than in the entire previous history of the human race”.

2. Greed for better analysis:

We are hungry for more clarified analysis, for which the consumption of data is obviously increased (as mentioned in above point). But the greed for achieving the best information from data is another reason why businesses are craving for Big Data. Also the business have drawn the best opportunities by analyzing data to the core and providing more personalized approach to the customer, continued in 4th point.

3. Massive increase in user created content:

With the tremendous increase of internet users globally, the data generated by these users on various internet platforms are jaw dropping.

  • Every second, More than 5 billion people are calling, texting, tweeting and browsing on mobile phones worldwide.
  • YouTube users upload 48 hours of new video every minute of the day
  • 100 terabytes of data uploaded daily to Facebook.
  • According to Twitter’s own research in early 2012, it sees roughly 175 million tweets every day, and has more than 465 million accounts.
  • Every minute, 475 websites are created with an average consumption of 50 MB data each.

Source: Waterford Tech and Wikipedia

4. Big Data is the Key to personal approach:

The more and more personalized approach is being made by businesses in this cut throat competition. The 360 degree view of a customer is being maintained by almost all the businesses which is an ultimate rise to the data usage behind it. According to the recent survey, ‘ More than 70% of the organizations are investing in Big Data with a vision to accelerate their personalized marketing approach to the customers.


Well, all the above points are predictions and let's wait and see what all will come to reality. Feel free to share your views in the comment box

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