Web Services Training

Overview of SOA/Web Services

  • SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) Overview
  • Web Services Overview / Relationship to SOA
  • Web services Architecture
  • SOAP and WSDL Overview

Introduction to Java Web Services

  • Overview of Java Web Services
  • JAX-WS and JSR-181
  • Service definition with @WebService
  • Creating a Web Service with JAX-WS

WSDL - Web Services Description Language

  • Introduction
  • XML Namespace and XML Schema Overview
  • WSDL Structure and Elements
  • A WSDL Document
  • a)Definition, Types, Messages, Port Types, and Operations
  • b)Bindings, Ports, and Services
  • SOAP 1.1 Binding for WSDL

SOAP - Simple Object Access Protocol

  • Overview
  • Message syntax
  • a)Envelope/Header/Body
  • b)Detailed Soap message structure
  • SOAP Faults, Attachments
  • SOAP Messaging and HTTP Binding
  • SOAP Styles and Encoding


  • Overview
  • @WebService, Modifying the Generated Service
  • Other Annotations (@WebMethod, @SOAPBinding)
  • The SEI (Service Endpoint Interface

JAX-WS Capabilities

  • Overview
  • WSDL to Java Mapping
  • Capabilities (XML Messaging, Handlers, SOAP/HTTP, Client Programming

JAX-WS Clients

  • Programming Model, Generating Classes from WSDL
  • Writing a JAX-WS Client
  • Dynamic Clients

SOAP Handlers

  • Overview and Processing
  • Logical and Protocol Handlers
  • Writing/Configuring a SOAP Protocol Handler
  • Writing/Configuring a Logical Handler

JAXB - Java Architecture for XML Binding

  • Overview and Architecture
  • JAXB and WSDL
  • >
  • JAXB Annotations

>Start from WSDL / Start from WSDL & Java

  • Starting From WSDL
  • Binding Customizations
  • Starting From WSDL and Java

Bare XML Web Services

  • XML Messaging Overview
  • JAX-WS Providers
  • A SOAP Provider and Source Provider
  • XML Clients with Dispatch
  • XML/HTTP Messaging with Provider


  • Java EE Security / Role Based Security
  • Securing Web Services with BASIC Authentication

EJB-Based Web Services

  • EJB Overview
  • Programming EJB
  • Creating/Configuring EJB-Based Web Services

PLSQL Web Services

  • procedure overview
  • Programming Java with Procedure
  • Creating/Configuring PL/SQL Web Services.

UDDI – Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration

  • UDDI Overview and Capabilities
  • JAXR - Java API for XML Registries
  • JAXR Infomodel and Architecture
  • Using the JAXR API

WS-* Overview

  • WS-Interoperability (WS-I)
  • The WS-I Basic Profile
  • WS-Addressing
  • Ways of creating web service
  • Bottom up approach
  • Top-down Approach


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