What is MSBI? What is the process of SSIS, SSAS and SSRS

The meaning of MSBI is as cool as its work process. It basically means the process of understanding the complex data work, allocating it, analyzing it and setting up a proper report that will help in business decisions.

The components that makes the work process of MSBI ‘cool’ are SSIS, SSAS and SSRS.


  • SSIS: Integration tool and stands for SQL Server Integration Services.
  • SSAS: Analysis tool and stands for SQL Server Analytical Services.
  • SSRS: Reporting tool and stands for SQL Server Reporting Services.

Let’s take a look at formal definition, that’s ruling all over the internet

Now let’s take a dive in the process of MSBI with the help of the below infographic

The Process of MSBI:

NOTE: The narration style is adapted from phpring.com for easy and effective understanding of the process of SSIS, SSAS and SSRS.


Let’s take an example of ‘Big Bazaar’, they have plenty of outlets and the amount of data stored in form of billing, feedbacks, membership cards, etc. are stored in each outlet separately on a daily basis, which is properly accumulated and the filtration of unnecessary data takes place, which is then forwarded by OLTP, which means Online Transaction Processing. These are basically the online transactions performed on database at every outlet by the customer.

Now the integration takes place, where the data received from different outlets are accumulated in a centralized database of Big Bazar which is now refreshed in Data warehouses.  This is where SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) ends.

Next comes analyzing. The data received during SSIS is mass in nature, so this bulk data is now simplified with analytic process that helps to build Analytically Processed Database called CUBE. The analytical part is indeed important because it gives valuable information like what are the recent trends, patterns, dislikes of Big bazaar customers. The ‘analysis’ of the data basically covers the phase SQL Server Analytical Services (SSAS).

Now finally, the analyzed data is to be presented in form of Graphical or statistical manner. The reporting process are generally done in form of ‘Reports’, ‘Excel or CSV’, ‘Dashboards’, etc., which further helps to plan or make important decisions of Big bazaar. This is the process of SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

We hope that MSBI and its process is now clear with you. If not, feel free to communicate in comment section.

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