What is the difference between java and .Net

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It is a programming dialect which is stage free and support to open source stage, implies code continues as before and you can run that code on any stage, java has virtual machine which is called JVM(JAVA virtual machine). Take after OOPS ideas.


  • Java was Developed by Oracle organization and Designed by Sun Microsystems and James Gosling.
  • Java itself is a programming dialect having Advantages like dispersed, secure, vigorous and multithreaded.
  • On the off chance that we discuss planning: in java so to making a straightforward control like catch likewise take a considerable measure of programming for engineer
  • Engineering: Java bolster associated design. Since java is multiplatform so it is an arrangement of structure classes is restricted to what is accessible on all stages
  • Development: J2EE is java 2 Enterprise Edition which is a superset of java 2 Standard edition(J2SE) which add endeavor components to java libraries.
  • Java is a completely claimed property of Sun microsystems which is multi-layered like figuring innovations.
  • Net v/s j2ee correlation in dialects: C# and Java both got from C and C++ . Essentially, Both have diverse language structure yet same outcome.
  • In J2EE, not in .Net
  • Element Beans
  • Utility APIs like logging, inclinations
  • Open profiling APIs like JVMPI, JPDA
  • Distinction in introduction layer of the both: Java utilize java code pieces or JavaBean reference to assemble java. Win shapes/Web frames V/s Swing/Java Server Pages.
  • In java Application improvement should be possible on less arrangement framework, java is compact. Java is free and there are numerous outsider GUIs great open source free IDEs advancement for java application.
  • Java programming empowers elite programming advancement on numerous stages. Many organizations in India have very much qualified programming engineers .JAVA Programming Services help your organizations to improve.


It is a programming dialect which is stage subordinate yet dialect free i.e. application written in any programming dialect can be changed over into another dialect bolstered by framework(supported dialects are VB.NET, C#.NET, J#.NET and so on.). Likewise take after OOPS ideas. NET has no immediate support for open source stage.

  • .NET was Developed by Microsoft to permit software engineers to fabricate dynamic application.
  • .net is a structure or essentially a stage of by and by 43 programming dialects. Favorable circumstances like Consistent programming, simple sending and upkeep of an application , coordinate support for security.
  • On the off chance that we discuss planning in .NET give more amicability while outlining any page or shape since u can simple relocate the control which is not under any condition mind prodding process, engineer can focus on rationale and other security issues.
  • Design: .NET bolster detached engineering. .NET has an arrangement of the considerable number of classes accessible on Microsoft stage.
  • Development: A ton of parallelism can be seen. Microsoft and the second one in the 21st century is ASP .NET MVC appear.
  • Net v/s J2EE examination in dialects: C# and Java both got from C and C++ . Essentially, C# joins the force of VC++ without breaking a sweat of use of VB. Both have diverse sentence structure however same outcome.
  • In .Net, not in J2EE
  • Server side control
  • Serialization to XML
  • Aggregation to local code
  • Contrast in introduction layer of the both: Active server pages in .NET(asp) and JSP pages in java.asp can utilize Visual Basic ,C# and potentially different dialects for code bits.
  • In .net for Application advancement you should required high designed framework, NET is vastly improved in building UIs, NET structure is additionally free however its official improvement IDEs(Microsoft visual studio) is paid.




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