Why Is It Important To Learn Additional ‘Skills’?

In this blog: We’ll share why is it important to learn additional skills to enhance the career growth and stand out of the heavy competition.

We have shared our views on today’s scenario of Jobs and career in our previous blog. Where the people are either jobless or settled in an unsatisfied job.

What can be followed to get a job that satisfies you? The answer is right skills.


Additional skills refer to the alternate course of education we grasp with a vision to start a career.

But is it important? Let’s decode it.

1. BPO is not the only option

Not degrading or demoting the BPO industry but it is true that people in today’s time, who does not have Additional skills which he or she may need to fulfill a job. That is why the majority of the graduates are getting settled in BPO jobs that require nothing but fluency in English.


So, it is very important to learn additional skills to explore new options, other than BPO.

2. Heavy Competition:

There are approximately 6 people for 1 job on an average and you have to be better than 6 of your competitors in order to get a job. So, it is obvious that job provider looks for an extremely skillful person and hence, we should learn additional skills to surpass the competition.

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3. Academic education lacks practicality:

This is one of the biggest reason why educated people are still jobless. It is true that our education system is not appropriate with the practical aspect or in other words, the job requirement. So, this makes us educated but unfit for the jobs and hence going for some additional skills is the only option left.


4. Being Skillful can boost your existing job:

You may be settled as an experienced developer who is thorough in JAVA, PEGA etc.. and imagine you have acquired additional skills of DevOps and hence your career will definitely get boosted. Well, this was just an example but in every career, there is always a chance of learning new things and being better in what we do.

These were why additional skills are important. But choose right institution as for it.

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