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JQuery Training in Bangalore

JQuery is a lightweight multi-program JavaScript library intended to "compose less, accomplish more". The reason for jQuery instructional class is to make it much less demanding to utilize JavaScript in web applications. JQuery takes a considerable measure of regular assignments that require many lines of JavaScript code to finish, and wraps them into strategies that you can call with a solitary line of code. JQuery instructional exercise likewise disentangles a ton of the confused things from JavaScript, similar to AJAX calls and DOM control and so on.

What is jQuery?

The jQuery is a library document to create AJAX or non-AJAX based use of the JavaScript. The jQuery is not a library just while it is a structure of JavaScript to grow abnormal state UIs and web applications. By utilizing jQuery rather JavaScript, the software engineers can streamline the advancement procedure of web applications by keeping code easy and minimal.

Few of the jQuery arrangements are:
  • jQuery streamlines the procedure of traversal of HTML DOM tree You can utilize jQuery to handle occasions even with more noteworthy approach than the JavaScript
  • jQuery perform liveliness and impacts as blurring, sliding, concealing and so on
  • Last yet not slightest you can include the Ajax bolster into your web applications utilizing jQuery
  • jQuery gives alternatives by which you can expand your jQuery library
JavaScript, jQuery and JSON Training Objectives
  • To get hands-on understanding on JavaScript and jQuery.
  • To figure out how to function with restricting occasions to the controls in JavaScript.
  • To figure out how to download jQuery library and allude it to the Html page
  • To take in the significance of $(document).ready(function(){ });
  • To learn selecting the Html components by name, property name, id or by substance.
  • To Learn Traversing of Html components.
  • To learn taking care of various occasions for various Controls.
  • To figure out how to give impacts to the components or areas in the Html page.
  • To learn controlling components by including CSS classes progressively, by embedding’s components and so on.
  • To figure out how to make an Ajax ask for utilizing jQuery.
  • To realize what JSON is, what is the utilization of it and what are its favorable circumstances.

JQuery Training Syllabus in Bangalore

The Background

  • The mobile space today

  • Advantages

  • Challenges

  • Native vs. web, is really a question?

  • What is JQM?

  • What is not jQM?

  • What is a web app?

  • Why jQM?

  • Features

  • Compatibility

  • Requirements

HTML5 basics

  • HTML5 in a small nutshell

  • Why HTML5?

  • What do we need to know about HTML5 for jQM

  • Basic template

  • Testing HTML5 documents

  • Emulators, Simulators & more

  • Viewports on mobile browsers

  • Custom data-* attributes

The framework

  • Architecture

  • Self hosted vs. CDNs

  • Main template

  • CDNs available

  • Main template

  • Support on IDEs

  • Roles

  • Theming

The page

  • Headers and footers basics

  • Mandatory items in a page

  • Working with HTML in the content

  • Navigation

  • Internal page navigation

  • External page navigation

  • Understanding AJAX on mobile browsers

  • Absolute external links

  • Mobile Special links

  • Transitions

  • Dialogs

  • Prefetching

  • Integration with the Phone

UI Components

  • Customizing toolbars

  • Positioning toolbars

  • Navigation Bars

  • Persistent footers and navigation

  • Collapsible content

  • Accordions

  • Working with column


  • Creating buttons

  • Inline buttons

  • Grouped buttons

  • Icons

  • Custom icons


  • Creating lists

  • Full-page vs inset-lists

  • Visual separators

  • Nested lists

  • Interactive rows

  • Split button rows

  • Row icons

  • Thumbnails

  • Count bubbles

  • Aside content

  • Title and Description

  • Filtering data


  • AJAX vs. non-AJAX forms

  • Automatic form behavior

  • Labeling

  • Field containers

  • Text fields

  • Slider

  • Slider switch

  • Select menus

  • UI Select menus

  • Radio Buttons

  • Checkboxes

  • File Upload

  • Validation using HTML5

The framework and JavaScript

  • Using jQuery inside jQuery Mobile

  • $.mobile element

  • The mobileinit event

  • Configuring defaults

  • Touch events

  • Orientation events

  • Scroll events

  • Page events

  • Virtual mouse events

  • Managing navigation through JavaScript

Dynamic data with jQuery Mobile

  • HTML5 vs AJAX

  • Bringing JSON data to jQuery Mobile

  • Updating form controls

  • Updating lists

  • Implementing Infinite list pattern

Extending the framework

  • Using plugins

  • The top 5 plugins for jQuery Mobile

  • Creating our own plugin

  • Plugin architecture

  • Understanding CSS architecture

  • Define our own CSS patch

  • Changing CSS behavior

Managing data with HTML5

  • Using Web Storage and WebSQL

  • Using geo location

Packaging for installation and stores

  • The offline manifest

  • Full-screen webapps for iOS

  • What is a hybrid

  • Phone Gap vs other alternatives

  • Packaging a sample application



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