The future of Big Data isn’t really crystal clear, even though some experts declaring lot of challenges for it, others seems to be quite confident that Big Data is here to stay but how? Well, before knowing that, let’s reintroduce this topic. One of most emerging and trending topic as of now is ‘Big Data’ and obviously the most emerging skill is ‘Big Data Analysis’. But, What is Big Data Analysis?


Salesforce is one name we have heard many times when it comes to #1 CRM in the world. Many big businesses are using SalesForce and there are many training centers offering the course in the same because importance of Salesforce training is being realized.

Before moving forward to know what are the importance of Salesforce training, let's discuss little bit about ‘What is Salesforce?’


Q1.) What is the difference between DML and DDL?

Ans: DDL (Data Definition Language) is used mainly for defining the database schema. It consists of SQL statements which give an idea about the structure of the
database. Some examples of DDL statements are:


Android Training is most suggestive program for all candidates those who have been finished their graduation courses. Android training program is nothing but Android developing and it will describes the functionality that how to make the procedure to get develop the applications in various android mobiles. The installation structure involved on android mobiles are different for different users of mobile phones, so by going through training session of android program, candidates will come to know the details of entire procedure which illustrate the structure and assembling of applications and running method in the device which are accomplished with smart devices.


Q1) what do you know about ASP.Net?

Ans: It is a suite of tools used to develop new websites. It is a Microsoft created platform. The use of different web forms like CSS, JavaScript, MVC, etc. are made for the generation of the new websites.
It is platform offering fully featured programming language like VB.NET or C# to develop web applications with ease.
Each component in ASP.NET is considered as an object and run on the server.


Microsoft Business Intelligence is the powerful business tool designed by Microsoft that offers excellent solutions for queries related to Business Intelligence and Data Mining. This tool makes use of Microsoft Visual Studio Data Tools along with SQL Server.


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